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photo of a young female signing her will to dictate where her assets will go when she passes away to avoid intestacy

Common Misconceptions about Wills & Estates in Alberta

Many people fail to get a Will done for the wrong reasons such as “I do not have many assets”.  However, surprisingly, many people also get a Will done for the wrong reasons such as “If I do not have a Will, the government will take all of my assets”.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about this very important area of the law.  In this blog entry, we cover some of the biggest misconceptions people have regarding Wills & Estates in Alberta.

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photo of a blended family in Alberta

Estate Planning for Blended Families in Alberta

Estate planning is important for anyone; however, it becomes even more crucial when blended families are involved.

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photo of a senior completing a cheap will kit purchased in a local store, often found to be difficult to complete and can be easily challenged in court.

Are DIY Will Kits Legal and Valid in Alberta?

Yes, you can legally use a "do it yourself" will kit to create a will in Alberta. Unfortunately, a will can be declared invalid if it contains ambiguous terms, unclear wording or inconsistent provisions. Many people execute wills that contain red flags because they don't have a lawyer to point out their mistakes.

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