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photo of a blended family in Alberta

Estate Planning for Blended Families in Alberta

Estate planning is important for anyone; however, it becomes even more crucial when blended families are involved.

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photo of a senior completing a cheap will kit purchased in a local store, often found to be difficult to complete and can be easily challenged in court.

Are DIY Will Kits Legal and Valid in Alberta?

Yes, you can legally use a "do it yourself" will kit to create a will in Alberta. Unfortunately, a will can be declared invalid if it contains ambiguous terms, unclear wording or inconsistent provisions. Many people execute wills that contain red flags because they don't have a lawyer to point out their mistakes.

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photo of a will being signed, a wise move to protect your assets and children, a service offered by Safi Law Group in Edmonton Alberta

What Happens if You Die Without a Will in Alberta?

Hiring an experienced wills and estates lawyer who can make a will for you can safeguard against having an intestate estate. It provides solid estate management, which helps ensure that your assets, children and pets are taken care of the way that you want after you've passed away.

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