Canadian Immigration Law in Alberta

Do you need help with the Canadian immigration process?

You probably already know that this is far from a DIY-type of legal matter. Having proper legal guidance can be invaluable if you need to attend a hearing or appeal. Working with an Edmonton immigration lawyer could help you to successfully have your case heard and achieve a positive outcome.  Discover how our immigration lawyers can provide a friendly hand with every step of the way.

Safi Law Group has experience in and interest in immigration cases that require appearances in front of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada and the Federal Court.  At the moment, our office can provide assistance with the following types of immigration cases:

  • Family sponsorship applications and appeals.
  • Humanitarian and compassionate consideration applications and appeals.
  • Refugee hearings and appeals.
  • Judicial reviews at the Federal Court.

It’s important to take a closer look at the details of each type of immigration case that we assist with.  In addition, you can reach out to Safi Law Group directly at any time with questions.

Family Sponsorship Applications and Appeals

The Canadian government operates the Family Sponsorship Program. This is a program that makes it possible for Canadian citizens or permanent residents to legally sponsor relatives who wish to come to the country. Sponsored relatives can live, work or study in Alberta permanently after gaining approval. Safi Law Group can assist with sponsorship applications and has a history of obtaining positive results for its clients.

You may be at the point where you’d like to seek an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) because an application for permanent residency has been denied. Safi Law Group can assist with appeals. You may have a very limited time to submit a request for appeal if you receive a refusal letter. Therefore, it is extremely important that you contact an immigration lawyer ASAP after receiving a refusal letter.  An appeal must include a completed Notice of Appeal Form and a copy of the refusal letter that was received.

The appeal process can be very complicated, and consequences can be very dire if proper legal advice is not sought.  Please contact our team to discuss your case.

Family and Spousal Sponsorships

Refugee Hearings and Appeals

Canadian law offers protection to refugees and asylum seekers from other countries. Protection is available for people who cannot return to their home countries out of fear of persecution or other dangers.

Anyone making a refugee claim will be required to meet with a Canadian immigration officer. An assigned officer will review the claim before deciding if it should be passed along to the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). The IRB is an independent tribunal that is responsible for determining if an applicant for refugee status is in need of protection. You may need to bring your case to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) if your request is denied. The deadlines can be very tight when it comes to refugee matters, which is why it is essential to seek legal counsel at the earliest opportunity.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration Applications and Appeals

Humanitarian and compassionate grounds may be used for people who would not be eligible to become permanent residents of Canada under normal circumstances. This avenue is used for exceptional cases. Humanitarian and compassionate applications are judged on a case-by-case basis. A person’s establishment in Canada and the consequences of refusing a request will both be looked at strongly during the decision-making process. If there are any children involved, the best interests of those children are also given significant weight.  There are many restrictions and qualifications in play when it comes to using this avenue to seek permanent residency. Working with a competent law office is critical when attempting to navigate the delicate details that go into humanitarian & compassionate consideration applications and appeals.

Judicial Reviews at the Federal Court

You may find yourself at the point where your immigration application or appeal has been denied and you need assistance from a Court of law to determine whether the denial was fair. Canadian immigration law gives you the right to ask the Federal Court of Canada to review decisions related to immigration. However, an immigration lawyer must apply for a review on your behalf. Applying for a judicial review can be a delicate matter because very specific deadlines are in place.

Do You Need Help with Canadian Immigration Law?

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