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Real Estate Law Services in Edmonton

Purchasing a home is a significant personal milestone for many people. Selling a home can serve as a very smart financial move for others. Of course, it’s important to remember that buying or selling a home also means you’re entering into a legal agreement. This is why working with a real estate lawyer in Edmonton is so important if you’re about to buy or sell a property.

How an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer Can Help

Many people mistakenly assume that real estate transactions are a lot more simplistic than they are because they don’t know about all of the requirements and stipulations that are in place.

What’s more, many people mistakenly assume that there’s no need to involve lawyers when doing private real estate transactions in Edmonton. This could not be further from the truth. Both buyers and sellers need protection and representation during the very delicate process of completing a property transaction.

Tips for Buying Real Estate

Having a real estate lawyer working by your side during the buying process can help to ensure that somebody’s looking out for your best interests. Sellers are often eager to get buyers to sign on the dotted line. However, you need to make sure that all of the right questions have been asked before you take legal possession of a property. Even a situation that looks like it will be a very typical and uneventful home sale can take a drastic turn.

Do you know what you’re entitled to under a standard purchase contract? Do you know the difference between property defects that a seller must disclose and property defects that a seller does not need to disclose? You need a law firm that understands the ins and outs of contracts, deposits, liabilities, seller obligations and all of the other intricate details that go into purchasing a home.

You can contact our law office today to begin going over all of the details you’ll need to cover with a real estate lawyer in Edmonton before you can confidently sign any agreement with a seller.  Once an agreement is signed, we can assist with closing the transaction and ensuring that you and your bank’s interests are protected (if you need to obtain a mortgage to seal the deal).

Tips for Selling Real Estate

Legal representation can help to ensure that you’re doing all that’s legally required of you if you’re selling a home, condo or a plot of land. Far too many people take a do-it-yourself approach that can make it impossible to get a sale finalized when issues show up. Doing things like getting your real property report and compliance handled in advance can help to ensure a smooth process.

Sellers have certain responsibilities and duties under the law in Alberta.

  • Are you clear on what you’re responsible for when it comes to fixing deficiencies?
  • Do you understand your options for negotiating with buyers to accept any deficiencies that could be present?
  • Do you know the right steps if you’re dealing with a situation where a tenant occupies the property you’re selling?
  • What about mortgage penalties, gaps in insurance caused by cancelling a policy too soon or the need to acquire consent to sell from a current or former spouse?

These are all very real and complicated issues that you may need support with during the process of selling your home. Don’t get left holding the bag if something complicated pops up.

You can reach out to Safi Law Group immediately to make sure you’re covered.

Real Estate Legal Fees

Our law office works hard to keep our real estate legal fees competitive and reasonable.

Most buyers and sellers who complete the purchase/sale of a property discover that paying legal fees are absolutely worth the peace of mind that they gained throughout the process.  What’s more, the cost of hiring a lawyer is often offset by a lawyer’s ability to spot potentially expensive pitfalls when it comes to contracts, defects, insurance and more.

Contact us online today or call (780) 760-7234 to book a consultation if you have any questions or require a real estate lawyer for buying, selling or refinancing a home in Edmonton and area.

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Whether you're buying or selling property in Edmonton, contact an experienced Real Estate lawyer at Safi Law Group.