Real Estate Legal Fees

Real Estate Legal Fees

Our law office works hard to keep our real estate legal fees competitive and reasonable.

Most buyers and sellers who complete the purchase/sale of a property discover that paying legal fees are absolutely worth the peace of mind that they gained throughout the process.  What’s more, the cost of hiring a lawyer is often offset by a lawyer’s ability to spot potentially expensive pitfalls when it comes to contracts, defects, insurance and more.

$695.00 + GST + Disbursements

Cash Purchase:
$695.00 + GST + Disbursements

Mortgage Purchase:
$895.00 + GST + Disbursements

$695.00 + GST + Disbursements

If condominium:
Add $100 + GST

If value of home > $750,000:
Add $100 + GST

If representing both parties:
Subtract $50 + GST (from each party)

Additional Payouts (not on title):
$25.00 + GST Per Payout

Rush Fees:
> $75.00 + GST (Generally under 2 Weeks)

***Prices Subject to Change***

photo of a real estate lawyer preparing legal documents for the purchase of a new home in Edmonton