Real Estate Legal Fees

Our law office works hard to keep our real estate legal fees competitive and reasonable.

Most buyers and sellers who complete the purchase/sale of a property discover that paying legal fees are absolutely worth the peace of mind that they gained throughout the process.  What’s more, the cost of hiring a lawyer is often offset by a lawyer’s ability to spot potentially expensive pitfalls when it comes to contracts, defects, insurance and more.

$695.00 + GST + Disbursements

Cash Purchase:
$695.00 + GST + Disbursements

Mortgage Purchase:
$895.00 + GST + Disbursements

$695.00 + GST + Disbursements

Additional Payouts / Bridge Loan:
$50.00 + GST Per Payout

Rush Fees:
$150.00 + GST (if closing within 7 days)

Transfer of Land only:
$375.00 + GST + Disbursements

Encroachment Agreement/Caveats etc.:
$375.00 + GST + Disbursements

Change of Address/Name, etc.:
$185.00 + GST + Disbursements

Affidavit of Surviving Joint Tenant:
$185.00 + GST + Disbursements

Discharge of Mortgage:
$125.00 + GST + Disbursements

***Prices Subject to Change***

photo of a real estate lawyer preparing legal documents for the purchase of a new home in Edmonton