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Uncontested Divorce

Need Help with a Simple, Quick Divorce?

Truth: not all divorces are ugly.

If you and your spouse have a settlement agreement in place and wish to dissolve your marriage respectfully, you may qualify for an uncontested (no-contest) divorce.

Safi Law Group can help you and your spouse get a divorce AND:

  • save yourself months of time usually spent in the courtroom,
  • save on costly legal bills, and,
  • part ways peacefully

Safi Law Group has vast experience helping clients with uncontested divorces, a process where both spouses agree to the terms of a divorce without court intervention.  Both parties must be in agreement regarding details of a settlement before they can file for a no-contest divorce. That includes things like custody, visitation rights, child support, spousal support and division of matrimonial property. Both spouses must also be in agreement regarding the grounds for marital breakdown.

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